at adverteaze,  we use creativity as a business tool. we believe that to think out of the box, you have to know what’s in it. we know that knowledge – about the product, the market place and the customer – is the springboard to effective communications.

our work is defined by creativity – both strategic and conceptual. we aim to surpass your expectations of what an agency can and should be, by offering innovative creative thinking, with fresh selling ideas and novel executions. we’re creative. “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.  we are the change that we seek.”





Who we are


Our goal is to claim attention of prospects and drive response through a meaningful, and memorable words and images in order to build a strong rapport through branding for long-term loyalty.

No matter what your marketing goal is, we explore it, cultivate it and bring it to life. we belief communication can only be powerful if it stems from the brand and we aim to create brand-centric communication that cuts through the clutter.



we hate to depend on stupid people to get shit done. we’ve developed our frameworks intelligently. We are what we repeatedly do. excellence then, is not an act, but a habit. we are team of exceptionally talented strategists, writers, planners and designers who have experience in  delivering compelling and insightful communications. our success is a reflection of our people. we are a dynamic and energetic group of professionals committed to the highest standards of excellence and integrity. we’re known by the company we Keep


What we offer


adverteaze is an all pervasive communication solutions platform for television, newspapers, radio, internet, mobile, out of home.  adverteaze is incorporated to bridge the gap between established advertising agencies, corporate communications teams from various companies and the creative geniuses who haven’t had a chance to make their mark or waiting for the right opportunity to showcase their talent; who can provide advertising inputs, marketing ideas and campaign designs with refreshing novelty. we are one single platform for your marketing, branding and advertising ideas, concepts and campaigns. 

at adverteaze, our work is defined by creativity – both strategic and conceptual. we aim to surpass your expectations of what an agency can and should be, by offering innovative creative thinking.


What we do

brand strategy: we believe that brands must adapt to the ever-changing consumer. we understand how consumer behave in traditional marketing environment and digital and mobile connected world. the new marketing landscape makes us focus on the digital consumer both – native and immigrant. before we start work on brand, we like to explore its clients and competition, analyse trends and opportunities. we do extensive consumer research to anticipate desires and needs. services: media planning, media buying, communication consulting, brand Philosophy  


brand communication: most organizations focus on external conversations through brand communication and marketing, internal conversations are generally ignored. we manage and create conversations  both internal and external.  we help brands connect with consumers. services: print – newspapers, magazines, television, radio, digital, outdoor

brand marketing:  we believe that in current business scenario a brand’s success is also linked to its digital presence, which is flexible, measurable, trustworthy, interactive and personal. we design, develop maintenance and activation marketing strategies and plans based on the principles of relationship marketing. we focus on both traditional and new age branding ingredients. services: brochures,  calendars, manuals, point-of-purchase, films- multimedia presentations, corporate avs



brand technology: we have an experienced and passionate technical team which is armed with the latest technologies viz. HTML, CSS, Javascript, Flash, Java, PHP, Flex, Silverlight, .NET . The technical team help develop surprising and innovative solutions for our clients. services: creative adaptation, web banners, micro-sites, emailers, e-newsletters, social media marketing

brand design: we have an experienced and passionate design team that believes in good and effective design needs creative thinking and technical expertise. we work on creative ideas in a logical and efficient manner, in order to achieve specific goals. moreover, all our design undergo usability testing, thought in detail to guarantee clean, simple and intuitive products. services: logo designing, stationery designing, brochures,  creative outsourcing, design consulting






Adverteaze Marketing Consultants Private Limited,
Bangalore, India
Phone: Braj Mohan Chaturvedi, +91-9900590943 (India)

Waterloo, ON, Canada,
Phone: Vishal Bhardwaj +1-5192929432

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